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Our history

About us

The family owned farm ” Poderino” is located in the heart of the Valdorcia. Its land has been cultivated since the 60s by our family. Its surface of 53h is mostly planted with cereals (wheat, barley, oats and broad beans) according to the rotation of crops to allow the soil to naturally enrich without the support of chemicals. In the last few years we have increased the cultivation of olive trees and vines. We have also a limited production of fruit and vegetables which we are happy to share with our guests.

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Our products

At our company you can taste and buy our products, what are you waiting for? Come and visit us.

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Email: info@agriturismopoderino.it


Località Poderino Della Buca 53027 San Quirico d'Orcia Siena -Italia

Email: info@agriturismopoderino.it

Tel: +39 0577 898096 Fax: +39 0577 898096 Mobile: +39 3473327232

Discover the Val d’Ordcia

Poderino Farmhouse

The agritouristic structure is located in the main building of the farm. The restoration of the ancient stone building has left the typical features of the tuscan farmhouse untouched.

We have chosen to host only a few people in order to grant our guests peace and quiet and to be able to establish a closer relationship with them although respectful of their privacy.

Explore our authentic Tuscany

Our apartments

Our guests are first of all friends and our greatest concern is to make their stay pleasant and unforgettable, in direct contact with the countryside and agricultural activities.

What you can visit

Poderino is located in the heart of Val d’Orcia, one of the most beautiful natural and cultural landscapes of Italy, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Immersed in the picturesque hilly landscape and popular areas of wine production Montepulciano and Montalcino, and the Renaissance pearl of Pienza.