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Orcia DOC

Our Orcia wine is obtained from a careful selection of the farm’s grapes, harvested at the right degree of ripeness, trying to preserve the fragrant notes of the grapes, but at the same time obtain a wine of importance and structure.
The wine is a deep ruby red, with olfactory notes of red fruits and undergrowth, with light hints of leather; on the palate, it denotes good structure and elegance with full and soft tannins accompanied by a pleasant acidity that makes it fresh and pleasant.


The wine is obtained entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes; the harvest takes place in October, to ensure that the grapes reach full maturity.
The wine is deep red with light garnet hues, the nose shows notes of red fruit (cherry and black cherry) and spices accompanied by pleasant notes of vanilla, tobacco and black pepper; the palate is full, soft and enveloping, and the important structure is supported by a pleasant minerality that makes it drinkable and elegant.

Onion and plum jam

Plum jam

Extra virgin olive oil

High quality oil produced with olives harvested by hand and cold-ground; the varieties of olives are frantoio, leccino and moraiolo.